Victoria Prepa Online

How does it work?

Victoria Online Student using tablet computer to engage in online study

Interactive Work

Work at your own pace, with set deadlines. Each Monday, teachers upload interactive resources and activities for the week. Seminars focus on the week’s work for collaborative discussions.

Teacher from Victoria Prepa Online teaching online session using Chromebook

Academic Tutor

Throughout your time at VPO, you’ll have a dedicated academic tutor. Meet with them at least once a week and enjoy their support whenever you need it. Whether it’s school work, welfare concerns, or anything else, your academic tutor is your go-to person for assistance.

Victoria Prepa Online physics teacher giving online interactive demonstration using Google Classroom

Group Seminars

At VPO, every subject you choose comes with live small group seminars each week. These sessions promote in-depth discussions, clarify doubts, and foster group learning. It’s an opportunity to delve into the material together and keep social interaction thriving. Experience the collaborative and engaging atmosphere of learning at VPO.